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Next Consignment Auction is February 15, 2018
Fall is here and Summer is a memory.  The leaves have started to change and harvest will be late due to rain.  However, I am excited about the all the things we will accomplish in the remainder of this year.   I work in the farm office here at Lee Valley and I help with the books and office work.  Can you believe we are already getting ready for the Spring/Winter Consignment Auction this February.  It always brings in a lot of business an activity to the farm yard.   
  Thank you for looking at my site. This site has been a fun and exciting activity for me. Selling manuals has helped with our manual inventory accuracy and bottom line a little. I have been known to help people find manuals even if its from another vendor. Hope I can help you with your manuals now and again.


Augers,Grain Carts,Feed & Livestock
*Manuals 50 pages and under are $20.00 + Tax & S&H
*Manuals 51-149 pages are $40.00 + Tax & S&H
*Service manuals and manuals 150 pages and over are $50.00 + Tax & S&H or priced as marked
Call Susan @ 402-870-1403 or email for a price quote

Allied 41Ft 6" & 7" Grain Auger OM
Alloway Gold Series Portable Grain Auger
Batco Mfg. 1300, 1500, 1800 Series Field Loader Supplement to Grain Assembly and Operator's Manual
CrustBuster Speed King Inc. 10" BeltVeyor OM - 1998 Model
DMI 8" Portable Auger OM & Parts List
Feterl Mfg. 8" & 10" Red Hydra-Feed & 10" Commercial Hydra-Feed Worm Winch Lift Auger OM  
Hutchinson/Mayrath 10" Commercial Horizontal Bin Unloading Auger OM
John Deere 350 Heavy Duty Portable Elevator OM-C18291
John Deere 396 & 398 Auger Elevators OM-GA10070 Issue E1
Kewanee 260 & 280 Portable Auger OM
Kewanee 460 & 480 Portable Auger OM
Kewanee 480 Portable Auger OM
Koyker Super 60 Auger Erection Inst.

Lowe Hydraulic Earth Auger Attachments OM

Neco Python 8" Transport Auger OM
Peck Model 802 & 1002 Top Drive, 803 & 804 to 1003 & 1004 Direct Drive Auger *

Peck 700 & 800 Portable Grain Augers OM
Sudenga Super Scoop Paddle Conveyer OM

Sudenga 21 Series OM
Sudenga 48 Series Auger OM

Sudenga 70 & 80 Series Portable Auger with Pos A Action OM
Sudenga Equipment 80 Series Auger OM
Sudenga 330,430,530 Auger OM

Sudenga 450 Series 51-71ft OM
Sudenga 480 to 488 - 8" Auger OM *
Westfield PTO-SD Grain Augers OM
Westfield Rear Mount Drill Fill OM

Grain Carts, Feed & Livestock

A & L F500 Grain Cart with Adjustable Axel OM & Parts Cat.  
BJM 400 Harvest Wagon Parts and OM
Baughman 35" & 62" Drying Transitions Installation Instructions
Brady 550 Hydra-Mill Hyd. Grinder Mixer OM
Brady 950 Hydra-Mill OM & PC
DMI "Big Little" Grain Wagon OM & Parts List
DMI D-312 Center and D-400 Side Dump 300Bu "Big Little" Grain Wagons OM & Parts List
DMI D-412 Center and D-450 Side Dump 450Bu "Big Little" Grain Wagon OM & Parts List
Gehl FB 99 Hi-Throw Forage Blower OM
Gehl BU910 Forage Box OM
Gehl 350MS Manure Spreader OM
Grain-O-Vator 10 & 20 Series 8' & 10' Models Auger Box OM

Grain-O-Vator 8 & 10 Ft Auger Box Parts Book
Hesston 1 Row Forage Head OM
Hesston StakFeeder 30 OM
Honeysuckle Manure Handling Unit & Pump

International WA-2A Farm Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Platforms & Boxes Parts Catalog

International 530, 540, 550 & 555 Manure Spreaders Setting Up Instructions & OM
International 950 & 1150 Grinder Mixer & Electronic Scale OM

International 1250 Grinder-Mixer Setting Up Instructions and OM 
John Deere 38 Forage Harvester OM-E48206 Issue HO
John Deere 54 Manure Spreader OM-E51550 Issue G1  
John Deere 660 & 680 Manure Spreader OM-W21396 Issue I7
John Deere 714 & 716 Forage Wagon OM-W21405 Issue B7 & PC
John Deere 1075 Wagon OM 
John Deere 1210 Grain Cart OM-GA10217 Issue H2
John Deere 3800 Forage Harvester OM
Kewanee No. 44, 45 & 47 Wagon Gear OM
Kewanee No. 44, 45, 47, 48 Wagon Gear OM
Kinze 50 Series Grain Auger Wagon OM & Parts Manual *
Killbros No 475 Grain Cart OM

Killbros No 475 Grain Cart Parts List  
Killbros 590 & 690 OM & PC
Killbros No 800 & 1200 Grain Carts OM
Killbros No 1200 Grain Cart Parts List

Killbros No 1200 Grain Cart OM
Killbros No. 1200 & 1600 Grain Cart OM
Killbros No 1600 Grain Cart Parts List  
Kuhn Knight Reel Auggie and Commercial SDL Mixer for 3015-3095 Series OM
NECO Model 51A Rotary Grain Cleaner OM*
New Holland 210 & 325 Manure Spreader OM
New Holland-Sperry 795 Manure Spreader

New Idea No. 218 Manure Spreader OM

New Idea 330-335 Manure Spreader OM
REM Grain Vac 2500 Operators DVD Video  
Roorda Model 300 Manure Spreader Instruction & Parts Manual

Sperry New Holland 28 Blower OM
Sperry New Holland Model 358 Grinder-Mixer
Sperry New Holland 795 Manure Spreader OM


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