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Next Consignment Auction is August 20, 2015
 Hello, Welcome Spring!  Its good to have winter finally over and planting will begin soon.  The crops were a little short here last year so we are hoping for a better season.  I hope everyone out there has a safe spring and are prosperous this year.   Take care. 
  Thank you for looking at my site. This site has been a fun and exciting activity for me. Hope I can help you with your manuals now and again and again.


Balers, Hay Equipment, Mowers/Choppers/Shredders
*Manuals 50 pages and under are $20.00 + Tax and S&H
*Manuals 51-149 pages are $40.00+Tax & S&H
*Service manuals and manuals 150 plus pages are $50.00 + Tax & S&H or as quoted
Call: 402-870-1403 or email: for price quote
Allis Chalmers Roto-Baler OM and Parts
Hesston StakHand 30A OM **     
Hesston StakHand 60A Illustrated Parts List*        
Hesston 5545/5585 Rounder OM  
International 3650 Round Baler OM
John Deere 100 Stack Wagon OM-N159255 Issue J7      
John Deere 466 Series Baler OM-E61185 Issue L8
John Deere 466 and 566 Round Balers OM (SN# 114001-) 
John Deere 466 and 566 Round Balers Parts Catalog (Aug-07)
John Deere 500 Round Baler OM-E58251 Issue I5

John Deere 500 Round Baler Parts Cat.1529 Sept-95
John Deere BaleTrak Plus Bale Watch Installing Manual for Monitors & Controls on 5000,6000,&7000 Series Tractors
New Holland Model 66 Baler Wisconsin Model TF-D Engine Service Parts Catalog

New Holland 320 Baler - OM (Missing cover)
New Holland Bale Command Plus OM
New Holland 426 Baler Service Parts Catalog
New Holland 95774 Hillside Control Attachment Installing Inst. on New Holland Balers Equipped w/ Bale Throwers
Owatonna 595 Roll Baler OM
Owatonna 595 Roll Baler Parts Catalog
Vermeer 706A Baler OM & Parts List
Hay Equipment

Brillion 5Ft Sure Stand Grass Seeder Repair Parts Catalog

Case IH 1015 Windrow Pickup Header OM

FarmHand Model H118-A Bale Fork OM

FarmHand Model 118-B 3 Ton Mover OM*

FarmHand Model F102-C F5 Wheel Rake Serial# 6497 & up OM & Parts List

Herd Sure Feed Broadcasters Parts & Sales Manual

Hesston Double Windrower Attachment Assembly & OM***

Hesston Forage Windrow Pickup Head OM
Hesston Grass Special Pickup Head OM
Hesston StakFeeder 30 OM
Hesston StackHand 30A OM*
Hesston PT-12 Pull Type Windrower-Conditioner Parts Book

Hesston 1 Row Forage Head OM*

Hesston 2 Row Forage Head OM **

Hesston 3 Row Forage Head OM
Hesston 5ft Windrow Pickup Head OM

Hesston 2000 100 & 200 150 Forage Harvester OM & Attachment OM's
- Hesston Rebevel Grinder Assembly and OM
- 5ft Windrow Pickup Head OM
-2 Row Forage Head OM*

Hesston 1014 Center Pivot Windrower OM*

Hesston 2000-150 Forage Harvester OM **

Hesston 2000-100 & 150 Illustrated Parts Listing
Hesston 2000 & 4000 Forage Harvesters Service Education Book

International 475 Tandem Disk Harrow Setting up Instructions OM

International 720 and 830 Forage Harvesters OM
John Deere 33 Bale Elevator OM-GA10067 Issue LO

John Deere Hay Pickup For Forage Harvesters Parts Catalog-1335

John Deere 660, 670, & 671 Side Delivery Rakes & Dual Hitch OM-E58956 Issue J7

John Deere 700 Twin Rake OM-E75025 Issue A6

John Deere 3800 Forage Harvester OM Issue B7

John Deere 5200 & 5400 Self Propelled Forage Harvesters Parts Catalog

Kewanee 500 Series Bale Elevator with 506 & 516 Mechanical Trucks
Kewanee 600 Series Bale Elevator with 629 & 639 Mechanical Trucks OM

McKee GP4 Stack Mover OM

McKee Stack Feeder Model SF4 OM***

McKee Stack 'n' Mover Model 310 Harvester, Model 8 & 12 Mover Assembly Instructions & Parts List
McKee Stack'n'Mover Model 310 & 800 & 1200 Stack'n'Mover System OM

McKee GP4 Stack Mover OM

New Holland Model 54A Bale Thrower OM

New Holland 144 Windrow Inverter OM
REM Bale Max 3600R Bale Shredder OM & Parts Catalog

Supreme Processors Model 900T Pull Type Unit Bale Processor OM and Parts Book

Viking Model 22 Bale Elevator OM

Mowers, Choppers & Shredders

Brady Model 180 Multi Crop Chopper Parts & OM  
Brady 180 Chopper OM & Parts Cat.    
Brady 1440 &1680 Shredder OM and Parts Cat.
Buffalo Rolling Stalk Chopper Model 5100, 5200, 5210 OM Bush Hog Rebel OM*
Bush Hog SQ36S, SQ42-2, SQ48R-2, SQ60R-2 & SQ72R Rotary Cutter OM*
Bush Hog SQ42, SQ48, SQ60, SQ72, SQ84 Rotary Cutter OM* *

Bush Hog SQ42, SQ48, SQ60, SQ60, SQ72, SQ84, SQ7 OM*
Bush Hog 160/1600 Rotary Cutter OM
Bush Hog 207 Rotary Cutter OM*
Bush Hog 220 Rotary Cutter OM
Bush Hog 255, 256, 257 Series Rotary Cutter OM* *

Bush Hog 3100 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Bush Hog 3008 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Brillion Model F - 144" & 180" Flail Shredders Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion RSPA-60, RSPB-60, R53-60 & RS-60 Rotary Shredder Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion RPA-60 & RPB-60 Pick-up Shredder Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion R-66 Brush Buster OM & Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion Model R-84 OM & Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion Model RSS-112 Offset Rotary Shredder

Bush Hog 270 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Bush Hog 2610/2615 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter OM

Case IH 61MS Mower OM & Parts Cat.

Caldwell G-240 Rotary Shredder OM

Farm King Finishing Mower OM

FMC Side Winder G/B-842 Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Manual

Ford 489 Mower Conditioner Service Parts Cat.
Ford 515 Mower OM

Fox Brady 2166 Shredder OM & Service Parts Book

Gehl 2240/2270 Mower Conditioners OM
HayMaxx CM 205, 240, 280 Disc Mower OM & Parts

Howse Economy, M, MH, and 1000 Series Rotary Cutter***

Howse MH5, MH6, & MH7 Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book**

Howse 350,400,500,600S & 600 OM and Parts Book*

Howse 5000 thru 7000 Series Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book*

International Cadet 85 Riding Mower OM

International Cub Cadet 86,108,128,129,149 & 169 Tractors and Rotary Mowers

International 1000 Balanced Mower OM

International 1200 Balanced Mower OM

John Deere No. 5 Caster Wheel Power Mower OM

John Deere 7-Bushel Rear Bagger & 7-Bushel Power Flow OM
John Deere 14SB and 14SE 21" Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers OM

John Deere F911 Front Mower OM-MM111479 Issue KO

John Deere GX75 & GX95 Riding Mowers OMM117470 Issue H2

John Deere MX8 & MX10 Rotary Cutter OMW45015 Issue B0

John Deere R70, R92, S82, and S92 Riding Mowers OM

John Deere RX73,75,95& SX75 & 95 Riding Mowers OM_M90058 Issue K6

John STX30& STX38 Lawn Tractors OM-OMM95304 Issue FO
John Deere 39 & 47 Rotary Mowers OM-M48953 Issue J4*

John Deere 38 Forage Harvester OM E-48206 Issue HO
John Deere 41 & 48 Rotary Mowers OM*
John Deere 55, 56, 57, 66, 68 Riding Mowers Service Manual SM-2107
John Deere 64 & 65 Forage Blowers OM-G10008 Issue K9
John Deere 130,160,165,175,180,185 Lawn Tractors OM-M75784 Issue I7
John Deere 100 Stack Wagon OM-N159455 Issue J7*

John Deere 200 Stack Mover OM-GA10387 Issue I3*

John Deere 207 Gyramor Rotary Cutter

John Deere 270 Rotary Disk Mower

John Deere 307 Gyramor Rotary Cutter OM-W11529 Issue AO

John Deere 380 Mower-Conditioner OM-E64887 Issue D9

John Deere 397 Center Mounted Rotary Mower OM-GA10293 Issue E3
John Deere 509, 609 & 709 Rotary Cutters OM
John Deere F910 and F930 Front Mowers OM

John Deere 1518 Flex -Wing Rotary Cutter OM
John Deere 2250 and 2270 Windrowers OM
Kubota Model RC54-B to RC72-B Rotary Mower OM 

Land Pride 3 Spindle Grooming Mowers OM

Land Pride 12 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Land Pride 25 Series Grooming Mowers OM

Land Pride FDR1648, FDR1660, FDR1672 Grooming Mowers
Lely Optimo 280 & 320 EMH2 Cutter Parts Manual
Lely Splendimo L Cutter Parts Manual*
Lilliston 5200 Leader Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book
Massey Ferguson No. 31 Rear Mounted Mower

Massey Ferguson 1023 Mower OM
McCormick No. 100 Balanced Mower Serring Up Instructions & OM

McCormick International 120 Balanced Mower OM

McCormick International 120 Balanced Mower Set up Instructions

Rhino FS 15 Rotary Cutter OM

Rhino S7 Rotary Mower OM*

Rhino SE4, SE5, SE6 Rotary Mower OM

Rhino SE6 Rotary Mower OM with Parts Listing

Sears Craftsman 10HP Electric Start 30" Mower/Mulcher  5 Speed - Rear Engine Rider Mower OM & Parts Model #502.255071
Vermeer 5020, 6020, 7020, 8020 Mower Service Manual
Vermeer M6030, m7030, M8030 Operators and Maintenance Manual


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