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Next Consignment Auction is February 15, 2018
Fall is here and Summer is a memory.  The leaves have started to change and harvest will be late due to rain.  However, I am excited about the all the things we will accomplish in the remainder of this year.   I work in the farm office here at Lee Valley and I help with the books and office work.  Can you believe we are already getting ready for the Spring/Winter Consignment Auction this February.  It always brings in a lot of business an activity to the farm yard.   
  Thank you for looking at my site. This site has been a fun and exciting activity for me. Selling manuals has helped with our manual inventory accuracy and bottom line a little. I have been known to help people find manuals even if its from another vendor. Hope I can help you with your manuals now and again.


Balers, Hay Equipment, Mowers/Choppers/Shredders
*Manuals 50 pages and under are $20.00 + Tax and S&H
*Manuals 51-149 pages are $40.00+Tax & S&H
*Service manuals and manuals 150 plus pages are $50.00 + Tax & S&H or as quoted
Call: 402-870-1403 or email: for price quote
Allis Chalmers Roto-Baler OM and Parts
Hesston StakHand 30A OM **     
Hesston StakHand 60A Illustrated Parts List*        
Hesston 5545/5585 Rounder OM  
International 3650 Round Baler OM

John Deere 24T Twine Tie Baler OM
John Deere 100 Stack Wagon OM-N159255 Issue J7      

John Deere 348 Baler OM
John Deere 466 Series Baler OM-E61185 Issue L8
John Deere 466 and 566 Round Balers OM (SN# 114001-) 
John Deere 466 and 566 Round Balers Parts Catalog (Aug-07)
John Deere 500 Round Baler OM-E58251 Issue I5

John Deere 500 Round Baler Parts Cat.1529 Sept-95
John Deere BaleTrak Plus Bale Watch Installing Manual for Monitors & Controls on 5000,6000,&7000 Series Tractors
New Holland Model 66 Baler Wisconsin Model TF-D Engine Service Parts Catalog

New Holland 320 Baler - OM (Missing cover)
New Holland Bale Command Plus OM
New Holland 426 Baler Service Parts Catalog
New Holland 95774 Hillside Control Attachment Installing Inst. on New Holland Balers Equipped w/ Bale Throwers
Owatonna 595 Roll Baler OM
Owatonna 595 Roll Baler Parts Catalog
Vermeer 706A Baler OM & Parts List
Hay Equipment

Brillion 5Ft Sure Stand Grass Seeder Repair Parts Catalog

Case IH 1015 Windrow Pickup Header OM

FarmHand Model H118-A Bale Fork OM

FarmHand Model 118-B 3 Ton Mover OM*

FarmHand Model F102-C F5 Wheel Rake Serial# 6497 & up OM & Parts List

Herd Sure Feed Broadcasters Parts & Sales Manual

Hesston Double Windrower Attachment Assembly & OM***

Hesston Forage Windrow Pickup Head OM
Hesston Grass Special Pickup Head OM
Hesston StakFeeder 30 OM
Hesston StackHand 30A OM*
Hesston PT-12 Pull Type Windrower-Conditioner Parts Book

Hesston 1 Row Forage Head OM*

Hesston 2 Row Forage Head OM **

Hesston 3 Row Forage Head OM
Hesston 5ft Windrow Pickup Head OM

Hesston 2000 100 & 200 150 Forage Harvester OM & Attachment OM's
- Hesston Rebevel Grinder Assembly and OM
- 5ft Windrow Pickup Head OM
-2 Row Forage Head OM*

Hesston 1014 Center Pivot Windrower OM*

Hesston 2000-150 Forage Harvester OM **

Hesston 2000-100 & 150 Illustrated Parts Listing
Hesston 2000 & 4000 Forage Harvesters Service Education Book

International 9 Peg Tooth Harrow and Int. 10 Coil Time Harrow  with Int. 310 Wheel Controlled Drawbar (Setup)

International 475 Tandem Disk Harrow Setting up Instructions OM

International 720 and 830 Forage Harvesters OM
John Deere 33 Bale Elevator OM-GA10067 Issue LO

John Deere Hay Pickup For Forage Harvesters Parts Catalog-1335

John Deere 660, 670, & 671 Side Delivery Rakes & Dual Hitch OM-E58956 Issue J7

John Deere 700 Twin Rake OM-E75025 Issue A6

John Deere 3800 Forage Harvester OM Issue B7

John Deere 5200 & 5400 Self Propelled Forage Harvesters Parts Catalog

Kewanee 500 Series Bale Elevator with 506 & 516 Mechanical Trucks
Kewanee 600 Series Bale Elevator with 629 & 639 Mechanical Trucks OM

McKee GP4 Stack Mover OM

McKee Stack Feeder Model SF4 OM***

McKee Stack 'n' Mover Model 310 Harvester, Model 8 & 12 Mover Assembly Instructions & Parts List
McKee Stack'n'Mover Model 310 & 800 & 1200 Stack'n'Mover System OM

McKee GP4 Stack Mover OM

New Holland Model 54A Bale Thrower OM

New Holland 144 Windrow Inverter OM
 Supreme Processors Model 900T Pull Type Unit Bale Processor OM and Parts Book

Viking Model 22 Bale Elevator OM

Mowers, Choppers & Shredders

Brady Model 180 Multi Crop Chopper Parts & OM  
Brady 180 Chopper OM & Parts Cat.    
Brady 1440 &1680 Shredder OM and Parts Cat.
Buffalo Rolling Stalk Chopper Model 5100, 5200, 5210 OM Bush Hog Rebel OM*
Bush Hog SQ36S, SQ42-2, SQ48R-2, SQ60R-2 & SQ72R Rotary Cutter OM*
Bush Hog SQ42, SQ48, SQ60, SQ72, SQ84 Rotary Cutter OM* *

Bush Hog SQ42, SQ48, SQ60, SQ60, SQ72, SQ84, SQ7 OM*
Bush Hog 160/1600 Rotary Cutter OM
Bush Hog 207 Rotary Cutter OM*
Bush Hog 220 Rotary Cutter OM
Bush Hog 255, 256, 257 Series Rotary Cutter OM* *

Bush Hog 3100 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Bush Hog 3008 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Brillion Model F - 144" & 180" Flail Shredders Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion RSPA-60, RSPB-60, R53-60 & RS-60 Rotary Shredder Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion RPA-60 & RPB-60 Pick-up Shredder Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion R-66 Brush Buster OM & Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion Model R-84 OM & Repair Parts Catalog

Brillion Model RSS-112 Offset Rotary Shredder

Bush Hog 270 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Bush Hog 2610/2615 Flex Wing Rotary Cutter OM

Case IH 61MS Mower OM & Parts Cat.

Caldwell G-240 Rotary Shredder OM

Farm King Finishing Mower OM

FMC Side Winder G/B-842 Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Manual

Ford 489 Mower Conditioner Service Parts Cat.
Ford 515 Mower OM

Fox Brady 2166 Shredder OM & Service Parts Book

Gehl 2240/2270 Mower Conditioners OM
HayMaxx CM 205, 240, 280 Disc Mower OM & Parts

Howse Economy, M, MH, and 1000 Series Rotary Cutter***

Howse MH5, MH6, & MH7 Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book**

Howse 350,400,500,600S & 600 OM and Parts Book* *

Howse 5000 thru 7000 Series Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book*

International Cadet 85 Riding Mower OM

International Cub Cadet 86,108,128,129,149 & 169 Tractors and Rotary Mowers

International 1000 Balanced Mower OM

International 1200 Balanced Mower OM

John Deere No. 5 Caster Wheel Power Mower OM

John Deere 7-Bushel Rear Bagger & 7-Bushel Power Flow OM
John Deere 14SB and 14SE 21" Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers OM

John Deere F911 Front Mower OM-MM111479 Issue KO

John Deere GX75 & GX95 Riding Mowers OMM117470 Issue H2

John Deere MX8 & MX10 Rotary Cutter OMW45015 Issue B0

John Deere R70, R92, S82, and S92 Riding Mowers OM

John Deere RX73,75,95& SX75 & 95 Riding Mowers OM_M90058 Issue K6

John STX30& STX38 Lawn Tractors OM-OMM95304 Issue FO
John Deere 39 & 47 Rotary Mowers OM-M48953 Issue J4*

John Deere 38 Forage Harvester OM E-48206 Issue HO
John Deere 41 & 48 Rotary Mowers OM*
John Deere 55, 56, 57, 66, 68 Riding Mowers Service Manual SM-2107
John Deere 64 & 65 Forage Blowers OM-G10008 Issue K9
John Deere 130,160,165,175,180,185 Lawn Tractors OM-M75784 Issue I7
John Deere 100 Stack Wagon OM-N159455 Issue J7*

John Deere 200 Stack Mover OM-GA10387 Issue I3*

John Deere 200 Series Flail Shredder OM

John Deere 207 Gyramor Rotary Cutter

John Deere 270 Rotary Disk Mower

John Deere 307 Gyramor Rotary Cutter OM-W11529 Issue AO

John Deere 350 & 450 Sickle Mower OM

John Deere 380 Mower-Conditioner OM-E64887 Issue D9

John Deere 397 Center Mounted Rotary Mower OM-GA10293 Issue E3
John Deere 509, 609 & 709 Rotary Cutters OM
John Deere F910 and F930 Front Mowers OM

John Deere 1518 Flex -Wing Rotary Cutter OM
John Deere 2250 and 2270 Windrowers OM
Kubota Model RC54-B to RC72-B Rotary Mower OM 

Land Pride 3 Spindle Grooming Mowers OM

Land Pride 12 Series Rotary Cutter OM

Land Pride 25 Series Grooming Mowers OM

Land Pride FDR1648, FDR1660, FDR1672 Grooming Mowers
Lely Optimo 280 & 320 EMH2 Cutter Parts Manual
Lely Splendimo L Cutter Parts Manual*
Lilliston 5200 Leader Rotary Cutter OM & Parts Book
Massey Ferguson No. 31 Rear Mounted Mower

Massey Ferguson 1023 Mower OM
McCormick No. 100 Balanced Mower Serring Up Instructions & OM

McCormick International 120 Balanced Mower OM

McCormick International 120 Balanced Mower Set up Instructions

Rhino FS 15 Rotary Cutter OM

Rhino S7 Rotary Mower OM*

Rhino SE4, SE5, SE6 Rotary Mower OM

Rhino SE6 Rotary Mower OM with Parts Listing

Sears Craftsman 10HP Electric Start 30" Mower/Mulcher  5 Speed - Rear Engine Rider Mower OM & Parts Model #502.255071
Vermeer M6030, m7030, M8030 Operators and Maintenance Manual


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